Will my Weighty Mayday be Answered?

Backdated for Educational Purposes:

On May 15th, I went to bed fully embracing the idea that the next morning I was either going:

to FOLLOW WITH GUSTO,  a specific plan to lose weight for my powerlifting meet on June 13th


to NOT FOLLOW any plan.

And, depending on which plan I followed, I was either going to compete on June 13th as a

132 lb powerlifter


a 148 lb powerlifter.

(or heaven forbid, with all of the upcoming events and parties from my son’s High School graduation, a 165 lb powerlifter…which was  NOT a 10 lb directional swing I wanted to take.)

My real goal, besides showing up and lifting as heavy as I could based on my practice/training, was to weigh 135 lbs and look as toned and  youthful as possible when I turned 50 on June 26th.

To date, that goal was merely  a desire…and I KNEW that if I didn’t take proper eating action on the 16th of May, I would not realize my real goal.

How was it going to turn out?

Fat and Frumpy at Fifty


Fit and Fabulous at Fifty?

May 16th began with a scale weigh-in at144 lbs. EGADS!

That meant that I needed to lose 12 lbs in 4 weeks…it was time to get busy.

My plan was to follow my favorite carb cycling routine (the plan that I used in the summer/fall of 2012 to get from 149 lbs to 131 lbs in ten weeks.)

This nutrition plan worked to get me to my goal before, and it was going to work again, I just needed the focus and mindset to follow it.

After that weigh in, I ate 2 boiled eggs, one 16 oz glass of water, and drank a half a cup of coffee.

At 10:00 A.M. , while working on my workout system product, my computer CRASHED.  OMG…not again! Twice in less than a year.

A CRASH?  Again!?!  Think it was a curse?  Nope!  I see it as a blessing…well, kinda.

I picked up my phone and called my good buddy Armen ( I highly recommend you do the same before your computer crashes.  This will ensure that you keep your sanity and insure that the intellectual property that you have  on your computer stays safe (here’s his contact info:   http://www.cssva.com/ )  God Bless Armen…not even exaggerating.  He helped to get me back on my feet as I sat in his office all day fretting about my data.

Let me repeat that…I SAT IN HIS OFFICE ALL DAY.

Sitting in his office all day meant that I didn’t have access to peanut butter, cereal or any other carbohydrate calling my name.

That whole day sitting in his office began a positive cycle and was a huge step in the right direction of eating to lose weight (specifically fat) and keep my strength.  I had now definitively and decidedly begun following the exact eating program I followed in 2012 to lose 19 lbs in ten weeks. It’s  my coach, Tim Henriques’ carb cycling  for fat loss eating program.  If you’re interested in following it, you can find it at this link:


How will this end?  Will I reach my goal?

I don’t know how it will all end,  but, I DO KNOW HOW IT ALL BEGAN. I had:

  • set a goal, and committed to it
  • decided “go big or go home”
  • broken the carbohydrate/sugar addiction





Idle through the Ides of May

Backdated for Educational Purposes: May 1 through May 15

Honestly, on a personal level, I have no more info to add to my last post  which spelled out months of nutritional mayhem… my actions to lose weight remained idle.

However, on the business side of life,  things were more idyllic.  Clarity reigned now that I  was focusing on how to bring value to my awesome loyal fans who want to permanently lose fat and become…

Fat Free Forever =

I wanted to harness my fat loss expertise and teach how to get the same results I’ve experienced for the last 7 years.  It’s not magic, but the results are magical!

Fantastically, my information is not only fully teachable to those seeking truthful answers it’s very reachable to an audience anywhere in the world!  Now, anyone willing to learn and apply the knowledge can earn the physique they’ve always desired.


Thanks to modern technology, I can share my expertise with more people than just my one-on-one clients!

Here are just some of the Muffin Toppled products/services coming down the pike…

  • (What I was busy creating by sitting on my flabby backside all day and most evenings was) a  results based WORKout System  System = content to address the whole shebang of how to  lose fat-making sure that every area of fat loss is addressed. Mindset-how to think to lose fat.  Nutrition-what and how to eat to lose maximum fat.  physical Fitness-the exercises necessary to strip fat off of your body fast. The key word in this  Workout System is “WORK”, not just AMUSE, because my system takes work.  Put the work in…bust through myths, abandon magic pill mindset, navigate the learning curves, hold yourself accountable (with a little help from me)-and reap the amazing benefits of looking better, getting healthier, feeling  better, gaining confidence and making heads turn when you walk in a room.

And, here’s a smattering of what loyal fans will learn in this 12 week + Workout System:

  •  A four week Intensive Black Dress/Black Tie ready course where I educate you AND guide/goad  you to lose the most body fat YOU CAN in one month!
  • Okay, there are still things I’m ironing out here….but, perhaps you have a suggestion on what YOU would need to reach your fat loss goals…let’s see if we can figure out how to work together!

It’s been an exciting 15 days!

PS today is the day I realize I need to seriously consider that it’s time to focus on something different than a MUFFIN TOPPLED Movement…can I do it? It’s time to turn the focus inward.  I have a powerlifting meet in about 4 weeks and need to focus on getting down to a lower weight class.  I realize that if I don’t start tomorrow, FOR REAL THIS TIME, I’ll be competing in the 148 lb weight class…more to follow…


January, February, March and April – Martyrdom Askewed My Airmask

January thru April 2015-Backdated for Educational Purposes

Yes, loyal fans, from January through the end of April, I lost my blogging rights.

What does that mean?  I dunno…but, I’m trying to be clever and merge the the phrase “bragging rights” with the word “blog”…

By trying to creatively birth a new “phrord”, I found that the real meaning of “losing blogging rights”  is that I should have lost my right to blog about fat loss.

After all, I KNEW all about HOW to do it and WHAT to do to achieve it…but my:

Mindset wasn’t “there”…I desired to be lean, but was unwilling to implement the how and what to make it happen.

Nutrition definitely wasn’t on target…again, that dratted peanut butter, cereal and too much coffee (aka not enough water) allowed the scale to steadily not budge and sometimes even slightly edge up.

Frequency of physical Fitness had waned significantly. After following my AMUSE-ICAL™ workout system three days a week for 3 months, and achieving awesome results, I lost some momentum due to working on my business 24/7.  I knew it was time to “get under the bar” (strength train)  3x week for maximum results, and even though  I did get under the bar, I  only trained  two days out of ten (and did no interval cardio for extra calories/fat burning effect.) That low frequency was better than nothing, but it wasn’t enough to help keep my body fat low.  BOO HISS…

PLUS I was so busy creating content for my soon to launch (for real this time) fat busting AMUSE-ICAL™ Workout System and recording videos to help others lose fat and stay lean, I FORGOT ABOUT MYSELF.  I forgot to put my air mask on first.

BTW, here’s one of those content videos…it’s my philosophy on how to get and stay “black dress or black tie” ready:



As I was ballooning up in size,  I pretty much was playing the part of Martyr, which is a role that tends to make me feel good about myself.  After all, my waistline was “taking one for the team”- you know,   “Team Loyal Fan”.  I was creating products/services that would help you loyal fans who are looking for a reliable answer to effectively and efficiently topple your muffins for good.

In addition, I  was earnestly honing-in on my “ideal client”.  Turns out that it’s NOT someone who’s looking for a magic pill!  Yep-I made a big decision that I’m giving those clients up and only focusing on those who are truly looking for honest answers to why their jeans no longer fit as they age.  I realized that I can’t save anybody who thinks the cookie diet is a good idea – they’re somebody else’s ideal client.

My  ideal client is  looking for honest answers to fat loss.

This is exciting to me, because it means that if YOU are looking for those answers, YOU are now amongst a select group of people that I passionately want to help!   I think that you’re magnificant because you’re willing to learn and implement the best way to lose fat and you’ll do “whatever it takes” to achieve your goals (well, “whatever it takes”, short of cutting off a body part.)

Let’s all say in unison:  Huzzah!

You see…

Now that we’ve found each other,

I can help you achieve your goals!

My loyal fans will find themselves in a place where fat free champions are made and have a forever home where they belong!

Please don’t let that last paragraph slip by without absorbing the awesomeness of it.  Anyone who joins my group of loyal fans and is willing to push past the learning curve and put in the work to reap maximum fat loss benefits will get a toned physique… and is a CHAMPION!

You see, I wanted and still want all of you loyal fans to achieve all of the successes I have over the last seven years.  I want to teach you that not only it is possible to reach your fat loss goals quickly and effectively, I can cheer you to the finish line and show you how to make this a lifelong healthy habit.  Even though I sometimes “pork up”, I always get my mindset back and get on top of fitting into my lean jeans…and if I can do this, I completely believe that anyone with the right mindset and absolute focus can do this too…and I can teach you how.

But, since this post is backdated for educational purposes, are you  wondering if I earned blogging rights again?


Perhaps I realized that I could blog again because, intellectually, I absolutely have a plan that anyone can follow to get fat free and look amazing…and maybe I realized that’s all l I need to gain blogging rights


Perhaps I emerged from a long cold winter, and got busy to achieve a fat loss goal and want to share what I learned along the way

Only time will tell… and I hope you stick with me to see how this story continues!  ‘Til When…Laura



When You Choose the Wrong T-Day Dinner…

December 2014-Backdated for Educational Purposes (Plus, Hindsight is 20/20)

Well, after many years of planning out my “good eating” on Thanksgiving day, I ignored my plan of action and ate anything and everything on that day.

It created the dreaded “carb /sugar addiction” that I just couldn’t seem to kick, no matter how much mental treatment or dressing down I gave myself.  You see,  after Thanksgiving, the “fun” never stopped when it came to eating processed food.

That doesn’t mean that I ingested a pie or a half gallon of ice cream at every meal, but before I knew it that ‘ole peanut butter and morning cereal were calling my name throughout the day.

And, my oh my, Holiday Parties…capital “H” and “P” say enuff  ’bout that…you can use your active imagination!

If you don’t have an active imagination, I will help you envision how I looked at 140 lbs-when I gave one of my farewell Short Form Improv performances at the Comedy Spot in Arlington:

But, seriously, folks my eating was a mess, and I watched the scale inch up every day.  Disappointed, desiring to lose weight yet doing nothing to take control was the name of the game…but the New Year was just around the corner, and I felt assured that I’d get on top of my eating habits then…

Stay tuned…