When You Choose the Wrong T-Day Dinner…

December 2014-Backdated for Educational Purposes (Plus, Hindsight is 20/20)

Well, after many years of planning out my “good eating” on Thanksgiving day, I ignored my plan of action and ate anything and everything on that day.

It created the dreaded “carb /sugar addiction” that I just couldn’t seem to kick, no matter how much mental treatment or dressing down I gave myself.  You see,  after Thanksgiving, the “fun” never stopped when it came to eating processed food.

That doesn’t mean that I ingested a pie or a half gallon of ice cream at every meal, but before I knew it that ‘ole peanut butter and morning cereal were calling my name throughout the day.

And, my oh my, Holiday Parties…capital “H” and “P” say enuff  ’bout that…you can use your active imagination!

If you don’t have an active imagination, I will help you envision how I looked at 140 lbs-when I gave one of my farewell Short Form Improv performances at the Comedy Spot in Arlington:

But, seriously, folks my eating was a mess, and I watched the scale inch up every day.  Disappointed, desiring to lose weight yet doing nothing to take control was the name of the game…but the New Year was just around the corner, and I felt assured that I’d get on top of my eating habits then…

Stay tuned…


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