January, February, March and April – Martyrdom Askewed My Airmask

January thru April 2015-Backdated for Educational Purposes

Yes, loyal fans, from January through the end of April, I lost my blogging rights.

What does that mean?  I dunno…but, I’m trying to be clever and merge the the phrase “bragging rights” with the word “blog”…

By trying to creatively birth a new “phrord”, I found that the real meaning of “losing blogging rights”  is that I should have lost my right to blog about fat loss.

After all, I KNEW all about HOW to do it and WHAT to do to achieve it…but my:

Mindset wasn’t “there”…I desired to be lean, but was unwilling to implement the how and what to make it happen.

Nutrition definitely wasn’t on target…again, that dratted peanut butter, cereal and too much coffee (aka not enough water) allowed the scale to steadily not budge and sometimes even slightly edge up.

Frequency of physical Fitness had waned significantly. After following my AMUSE-ICAL™ workout system three days a week for 3 months, and achieving awesome results, I lost some momentum due to working on my business 24/7.  I knew it was time to “get under the bar” (strength train)  3x week for maximum results, and even though  I did get under the bar, I  only trained  two days out of ten (and did no interval cardio for extra calories/fat burning effect.) That low frequency was better than nothing, but it wasn’t enough to help keep my body fat low.  BOO HISS…

PLUS I was so busy creating content for my soon to launch (for real this time) fat busting AMUSE-ICAL™ Workout System and recording videos to help others lose fat and stay lean, I FORGOT ABOUT MYSELF.  I forgot to put my air mask on first.

BTW, here’s one of those content videos…it’s my philosophy on how to get and stay “black dress or black tie” ready:



As I was ballooning up in size,  I pretty much was playing the part of Martyr, which is a role that tends to make me feel good about myself.  After all, my waistline was “taking one for the team”- you know,   “Team Loyal Fan”.  I was creating products/services that would help you loyal fans who are looking for a reliable answer to effectively and efficiently topple your muffins for good.

In addition, I  was earnestly honing-in on my “ideal client”.  Turns out that it’s NOT someone who’s looking for a magic pill!  Yep-I made a big decision that I’m giving those clients up and only focusing on those who are truly looking for honest answers to why their jeans no longer fit as they age.  I realized that I can’t save anybody who thinks the cookie diet is a good idea – they’re somebody else’s ideal client.

My  ideal client is  looking for honest answers to fat loss.

This is exciting to me, because it means that if YOU are looking for those answers, YOU are now amongst a select group of people that I passionately want to help!   I think that you’re magnificant because you’re willing to learn and implement the best way to lose fat and you’ll do “whatever it takes” to achieve your goals (well, “whatever it takes”, short of cutting off a body part.)

Let’s all say in unison:  Huzzah!

You see…

Now that we’ve found each other,

I can help you achieve your goals!

My loyal fans will find themselves in a place where fat free champions are made and have a forever home where they belong!

Please don’t let that last paragraph slip by without absorbing the awesomeness of it.  Anyone who joins my group of loyal fans and is willing to push past the learning curve and put in the work to reap maximum fat loss benefits will get a toned physique… and is a CHAMPION!

You see, I wanted and still want all of you loyal fans to achieve all of the successes I have over the last seven years.  I want to teach you that not only it is possible to reach your fat loss goals quickly and effectively, I can cheer you to the finish line and show you how to make this a lifelong healthy habit.  Even though I sometimes “pork up”, I always get my mindset back and get on top of fitting into my lean jeans…and if I can do this, I completely believe that anyone with the right mindset and absolute focus can do this too…and I can teach you how.

But, since this post is backdated for educational purposes, are you  wondering if I earned blogging rights again?


Perhaps I realized that I could blog again because, intellectually, I absolutely have a plan that anyone can follow to get fat free and look amazing…and maybe I realized that’s all l I need to gain blogging rights


Perhaps I emerged from a long cold winter, and got busy to achieve a fat loss goal and want to share what I learned along the way

Only time will tell… and I hope you stick with me to see how this story continues!  ‘Til When…Laura



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