Idle through the Ides of May

Backdated for Educational Purposes: May 1 through May 15

Honestly, on a personal level, I have no more info to add to my last post  which spelled out months of nutritional mayhem… my actions to lose weight remained idle.

However, on the business side of life,  things were more idyllic.  Clarity reigned now that I  was focusing on how to bring value to my awesome loyal fans who want to permanently lose fat and become…

Fat Free Forever =

I wanted to harness my fat loss expertise and teach how to get the same results I’ve experienced for the last 7 years.  It’s not magic, but the results are magical!

Fantastically, my information is not only fully teachable to those seeking truthful answers it’s very reachable to an audience anywhere in the world!  Now, anyone willing to learn and apply the knowledge can earn the physique they’ve always desired.


Thanks to modern technology, I can share my expertise with more people than just my one-on-one clients!

Here are just some of the Muffin Toppled products/services coming down the pike…

  • (What I was busy creating by sitting on my flabby backside all day and most evenings was) a  results based WORKout System  System = content to address the whole shebang of how to  lose fat-making sure that every area of fat loss is addressed. Mindset-how to think to lose fat.  Nutrition-what and how to eat to lose maximum fat.  physical Fitness-the exercises necessary to strip fat off of your body fast. The key word in this  Workout System is “WORK”, not just AMUSE, because my system takes work.  Put the work in…bust through myths, abandon magic pill mindset, navigate the learning curves, hold yourself accountable (with a little help from me)-and reap the amazing benefits of looking better, getting healthier, feeling  better, gaining confidence and making heads turn when you walk in a room.

And, here’s a smattering of what loyal fans will learn in this 12 week + Workout System:

  •  A four week Intensive Black Dress/Black Tie ready course where I educate you AND guide/goad  you to lose the most body fat YOU CAN in one month!
  • Okay, there are still things I’m ironing out here….but, perhaps you have a suggestion on what YOU would need to reach your fat loss goals…let’s see if we can figure out how to work together!

It’s been an exciting 15 days!

PS today is the day I realize I need to seriously consider that it’s time to focus on something different than a MUFFIN TOPPLED Movement…can I do it? It’s time to turn the focus inward.  I have a powerlifting meet in about 4 weeks and need to focus on getting down to a lower weight class.  I realize that if I don’t start tomorrow, FOR REAL THIS TIME, I’ll be competing in the 148 lb weight class…more to follow…


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