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T-Day Plan!


Thanksgiving is here and I’m panicked about all the food that will surround me. It’s crazy, but this time of year it seems that  everywhere I turn,  there’s a whopper-with-cheese opportunity (whoppertunity) to eat outside of  the lines.

Never Fear!  As T-Day family festivities approach, I have a plan of action that I can follow if I so choose.

Fail to plan…plan to fail…

A good strategic  plan would be laid as follows:

Bring a base salad to my mom’s house with me. Nothing fancy…just my normal salad base (usually bagged salad 50/50 mix). Make a “saladification” out of what is on the table.  Ingredients as follows:

My salad greens base


Cut up baked sweet potatoes



Salad Dressing, any variety, lightly drizzled

As someone who recently  lost 2 dress sizes  in four weeks to fit into smaller clothes,  I would really hate to gain it all back and  have to lose it all over again. Yo Yo, Y’all.

As a certified nutrition consultant and personal trainer, I  know if I want to stay lean, I absolutely HAVE to watch what I eat on T-giving Day, and this saladification is what I’d eat on  a “medium to high”  carb/calories day.

As a mere mortal tethered to the same universal nutrition rules as everyone else, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have two different choices today, The Big Thursday.

1) I will either treat the day like an all out splurge and “go for anything and everything” on the table…I will be the Gobble Gobbler.


2) I will saladify the things I CAN eat ,  giving me the flavor of Thanksgiving, without too many calories or carbs.

Both choices have advantages and disadvantages, and though it seems obvious what they are, I’ll share those points now for my own clarity.

Total free-for-all splurging will instantly make me feel great and satisfy my craving to be like the others at my table. I’ll be able to eat and eat and eat food that is sweet. Awesome!…but, then, I’ll feel tired. Then I’ll get the urge to splurge again tomorrow thanks to those pesky after-carb cravings. I will most likely gain a pound (or three) by tomorrow morning.

Eating within the lines via saladifcation will give me the greatest sense of satisfaction that I ate food for fuel and will have the best chance to keep my weight at 136. It’ll give me the sense of satisfaction that I made it through yet another difficult social setting in which I made a good eating decision. But, it’s tough going when everyone around you is eating “normally” for Thanksgiving and you aren’t.

If I absolutely HAD to fit into my clothes next week, I’d make the correct decision, but this Cinderella has no party to attend anytime soon.  I guess my popularity is diminishing…


…And this juncture is just another test of my willpower to remain BLACK DRESS READY.

Ultimately, TODAY AND EVERY DAY, eating well (or not) is MY choice…and is YOUR CHOICE too.

I’ll be interested to see what my readers chose to do…keep me posted and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!